Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

Our main location is in Winston-Salem, NC with branch offices in Tulsa and Charlotte. Our shipping operations group is located in Tampa.

What lines of equipment does your company provide?

We carry all major lines and manufacturers. If we do not have the brand you are looking for we will look into adding that line to support you as needed.

What line of speakers do you recommend?

We believe that each model of professional loudspeaker from any manufacturer has a specific application. The loudspeakers chosen in our designs vary, depending on the environment they will be used in. Please contact us to evaluate your needs.

How many DMX channels are on the Duke Energy Center in Charlotte, NC?

There are well over 9000+ channels operated over a fiber backbone via Pathways nodes and Pharos consoles.

Do you offer service contracts?

Yes we do. If a service contract is desired, we custom design a contract to fit your needs.

What type of programmers do you have on staff?

We have AMX-ACE, ETC , Cisco, Bosh, Pharos, and other certified and qualified programmers.

Why are you affiliated with InfoComm, PLASA, etc?

These are ANSI-accredited organizations that strive to provide standard procedures and practices for our industry. They also provide training and certification for designers, salespersons, and technical staff. Our alliance with these organizations ensures that you will receive service from a knowledgeable team, resulting in outstanding service and a solution that is truly tailored to fit your needs. Elevate has on staff many CTS, CTS-D, and ETCP-Certified employees.

What industries does Elevate AV provide services for?

Primarily Commercial clients including Houses of Worship, Schools, Sports Arenas, Transportation Facilities, Retail and Corporate.

Can Elevate AV use any of our existing equipment or does everything need to be replaced?

We understand the last thing you want to hear is that all your current equipment must be replaced. We can, in most cases, fully integrate your existing components with newer equipment as long as that equipment will not compromise the integrity and performance of the system. Ultimately our goal is to meet your needs and budget and provide you with the information to make the best decision possible.

Does Elevate AV allow customer labor on a project?

Absolutely. The statement, “We want our customers to be part of the team” is never more true than in this situation. If you have skilled and willing people that would like to help with the install of a new system, your team can fall right in with our staff to reduce labor costs. While we do provide this option, we reserve the right to handle certain aspects such as termination of connectors and initial equipment setup. This not only protects you as the end user, it allows Elevate AV to provide warranties on the workmanship of its installed systems.

Does Elevate AV only provide sound and lighting services to regional clients?

Elevate AV has the capability to provide services anywhere in the United States – or the world for that matter. We have worked on projects to date from the East coast to New Mexico and locations outside the US. We offer very competitive pricing even on projects seemingly “too far” for other companies.

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