• Church on the Move Phase 3
  • Church on the Move Phase 3

The Elevate team has been involved in countless projects to handle all things AVL-related beginning with the Fellowship Hall (Phase 1) remodel in 2006 and continues to support each of those systems (and complete new projects) to this day.

Since the major remodel of the main auditorium (Phase 3) in 2008, in which all AVL infrastructure and systems were replaced with the latest technology, Elevate has continued to help COTM through a series of upgrades to continue to deliver a world-class worship experience.


A few major highlights include upgrading cameras and video system to a broadcast HD system with fiber optic distribution, upgrades to the sound system components for continued reliability and impact, and a highly-flexible audio and video distribution system in the lobby and common areas to extend the experience beyond the auditorium doors.

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