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Annual rigging inspections are recommended practice of most rigging manufacturers, and may be required to maintain the original rigging factory warranty.

Rigging systems come in many different varieties, from fully motorized systems in large venues moving hundreds of tons of scenery day in and day out to the smallest main drape in an elementary school all systems should be inspected annually by outside professionals.

Rigging System Safety Inspection HayworthAnnual rigging inspections are the cornerstone of rigging safety, and when paired with training for personnel can substantially reduce risk and liability to your facility. A rigging inspection from Elevate Audio Visual is performed by an ETCP certified technician with 20 plus years of experience in the industry and is in accordance with all applicable ANSI standards and building codes. Rigging inspections can take as little as one day for small systems. After the rigging inspection Elevate will generate a bound report with safety concerns and recommendations for remediation prioritizing the most urgent safety hazards.

A Rigging Inspection from Elevate AV will:

  • Identify and record all audio/visual rigging assets of your venue
  • Determine the current physical condition of your rigging system
  • Clearly state any current life or safety concerns
  • Recommend any maintenance and/or correction of existing rigging problems

The Benefits of Elevate AV’s Rigging Inspection:

  • The highest levels safety of your staff and patrons will be established
  • Any backstage hazards will be identified before an accident happens
  • Your liability risk will be decreased
  • You will be empowered by knowing your facility is safe to operate

Do you have a fall arrest rescue plan on file?

  • Elevate can help you create and implement an OSHA approved fall arrest
  • safety plan tailored for your facility and help implement the required
  • training and certifications to keep your facility OSHA compliant but
  • more importantly accident free

Have you had a rigging accident?

  • Our team is experienced in OSHA safety violation remediation

Do you have a personnel lift?

  • Our team of Genie certified trainers can help you meet safety-training requirements

Safety is Priority

Rigging System Safety Inspections from Elevate AV will provide clear, comprehensive reports on the status of your venue’s audio and visual rigging system.

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Rigging System Safety Inspection UMW

Inspections are available for $1,500 in the immediate areas of Tulsa, OK and Winston-Salem, NC, and $1,750 plus travel expenses in other areas.

For more details, questions, or a request to schedule an inspection, send us an e-mail.

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USITT Rigging Initiative

Rigging Safety Initiative LogoSafety in your venue or production facility is of utmost importance—especially where students and staff are involved. With safety in mind, the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) has a Rigging Safety Initiative where secondary schools can apply for a rigging inspection, with costs being covered by USITT.

You can apply to have an inspection paid for by USITT by filling out the application on their Rigging Safety Initiative page. You or your school do not have to be USITT members to apply.